I will write you the erotic story you dream of

I will write a fantasy of whatever you desire. You give me some of the specifics and leave the rest to me. I will write anything that won’t get me in legal trouble, for example all characters must be 18+. In terms of what you’re into, ask and I will happily let you know if I can do it without passing any judgement of the slightest.

There may be some things I won’t do on personal grounds, but I certainly won’t discourage you from looking elsewhere. No kink-shaming here : )

I would appreciate if you gave me a good foundation for the story that I can build off, such as a character, and some traits, a setting (I’m not limited to modern settings, I can do alt-realities, sci fi, fantasy, etc but they may take some more input from the customer), and maybe a hint at what you’re looking for in terms of erotica. Some wholesome play between two lovers, some darker non-con stuff, a steamy encounter? Letting me know about this will really help me shape the story into something you will be truly happy with.

Feel free to contact me and ask me about anything you aren’t sure about