I will write scripts for documentaries and youtube videos

Are you looking for captivating, bold and fresh scripts for your videos?

Then you are a the right gig. I write scripts for:

  • Documentaries
  • YouTube Videos
  • Short stories (first-person or third person narrative, etc.)

What I will need from you?

  • Unlike the case for short stories, I don’t need any other information. (However, if you prefer specific keywords or have existing work to be converted to a script, then let me know.) ** Custom offers available**

Here’s my strategy in delivering this gig – My scripts are always backed by research (internet, journal articles, etc.). They are angular, strong and informative in which they deliver to the viewers, clear and concise information. Once you give me the idea or background of the video, I will do my own research and deliver to you:

  • The script

Please contact me before placing an order. Let’s discuss your needs and requirements to ensure efficient and quality service from my side.

I look forward to being your scriptwriter.