I will write product descriptions that will skyrocket your sales

Tired of spending too much time and money on ads without results?

I’ll write a description that skyrockets your sales!

I was spending months of testing out new products and I was sure it was the product that wasn’t selling. But after realizing that it’s not the product that isn’t selling but the copy, I knew I had to make some changes.

After split-testing over 57 different product descriptions I came up with a proven structure that helped me to get consistent sales with a very high conversion rate.

Why are your descriptions that high converting?

-Because of my recipe for success:

  1. Using Consumer Psychology to choose the right trigger words
  2. Research Competitors and find opportunities for improvement
  3. Target the Pain Points Immediately
  4. SEO that drivestraffic
  5. Use Niche based language that customers understand

By the way:I specialize on product descriptions for e-commerce stores.No Amazon, no eBay.It’s the one thing I do best.

⭐ I run my own 6-figure E-commerce store. I use this exact strategy each time I test a new product.

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