I will write privacy policy, refund policy, copyright policy, gdpr or shipping policy


Are you looking for a legal attorney to draft the following legal documents: privacy policy, GDPR policy, Contracts and agreements, refund policy, shipping policy, cookies policy or disclaimer?

I am a professional attorney and I am here on this platform to offer you professional legal services.Why you need these policies?

Yourweb siteor app’s privacy policy and other policiesarekey toprotectingyour business from claims and infringement.

These legal policies tell your users allthe principlesthey haveto grasponceinteracting or doing business with you. These is whatyou’lldepend ononcea dispute arises and that is why it is imperative that you use a Service Provider who has the requisite legal experience and knowledge to protect your interests

✔️Privacy Policy

✔️Terms & Conditions

✔️Copyright Policy

✔️Return and Refund Policy

✔️Shipping Policy

✔️GDPR Compliant Policy

✔️Cookies policy

✔️Non-Disclosure Agreement

Why hire me:

✔️My documents are legally binding in all jurisdictions.

✔️Customized legal work that will suit your business

✔️My legal documents will protect you and your business from liabilities or claims.


Tina (Attorney)