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Welcome Emails Generate 320% More Revenue Than Other Promotional Emails

Here’s the thing…

74% of people are expecting a welcome email immediately after they join a list.

The problem is…Most people either don’t have one, or it is straight bad which back-fires against them.

And worst…They never follow up.

Someone discovers your brand. It doesn’t matter how. Could be by clicking an ad from another site.

Welcome Emails Don’t Require Luck—They’re Destined to Outperform

According to Invesp, welcome emails:

  • Generate 4x more opens
  • Generate 5x more clicks
  • Boast a 50% open rate — making them 86% more effective than standard newsletters
  • Generate 3x more transactions and revenue per email over regular promo emails (on average generate 320% more revenue per email basis than other promo emails)

With numbers like these, it’s not about luck. Audiences show us that they expect these messages. As well they should — 57.7% of brands send welcome emails to new subscribers

Welcome sequences should be your priority as a digital products marketer, because they’re the best way to generate more revenue without spending any extra money doing so.

Let me Write Your Welcome Emails for you