I will write engaging product descriptions in perfect english

I will write your engaging and accurate product descriptions in perfect English!

When I’m browsing online and comparing sites I always end up buying from the site that has multiple pictures, and great descriptions that are clear and easy-to-read. Don’t let confusing product descriptions stop you from making the sale.

As your freelancer, I will write descriptions that accurately describe your item and give your reader all the information they need to feel good about buying from you.

I have experience writing about fashion apparel, shoes, electronics, arts and culture, home and garden, health & beauty, and fitness.

This is what I will need from you:

  • Photos of your product, the more the better!
  • Technical specs that will allow me to describe your item to the buyer

The three packages are the same except for the word count. Please keep that in mind when making your selection.

**Please message me before placing a large order. I want to make sure I’m able to give your project the time it deserves before collaborating with you!**