I will write engaging email copies for email marketing campaign

Let me tell you about a mistake I often see companies make when they are creating marketing copy.

They use overly formal, self-focused promotional language, rather than writing like they are speaking to a real person. The result is boring, jargon-caked, copy that your potential customers end up ignoring – because it is just not interesting, memorable or engaging.

(I’m sure you know what I mean, you’ve probably seen many other brands make this mistake.)

Instead, the key to being memorable is to use a friendly and engaging tone when speaking to your audience.

In my experience with copywriting and marketing, I’ve found that this human approach gets a much better reaction.

After all, no matter what target market you are speaking to, your customers are people too!

  • When we work together, I’ll start by asking you a TON of questions so I can have a better understanding of your business, your offer and your target audience.

  • Then, I’ll delve into what your customers struggle with and how your product or service helps them.

  • Finally, I’ll take this jumble of research and notes and spin it into concise, powerful human-sounding copy that addresses your customer directly.