I will write emails designed to sell

I will write emails designed based on your goal (for example designed to sell.). I wrote over 300 e-mails as practice. The way I write e-mails makes it easy to change the offer and still mantain its effectiveness, in other words it doesn’t matter what the offer is.

People will look forward to reading your emails, and have fun reading them.

The subjectlines are meant to be catchy, and the overall e-mail won’t stink of “buy my stuff now” nonsense. Also, I am aware of words that trigger the spam filter, so my intent is to not include those words in the email.

I also have some knowledge in persuasion, and decent analogy/metaphor usage.

The e-mails will be relatively short, due to the fact that nowaday’s average people’s attention span is low.

Each email will have 2 subject lines/ headlines, and if you don’t specify the file format you want the emails, I will send them as “rft.”

File formats for text I am familiar with: ” txt, rtf, pdf. “

If you want you can contact me to discuss your idea.