I will write email copy for your email campaign

Easy things can’t be told easily!

In writing an email copy I practice the “KISS”( Keep It Simple & Straight) concept & I have been practicing email copywriting for the last 5 years that make my emails stand out.

I will write an email copy that is Elegant & To the Point for your email campaign of any sort.

If required, I will rewrite your current email content to make it punchier and spontaneous that certainly make conversions.

I will do comprehensive research about your business so that I thoroughly understand your needs and craft an email that gets your message across.

So I will:

  • Apply the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

  • Ensure your business message is simple & clear

  • Guarantee the words telling pain-points of the customers

  • Confirm no colloquial issues to make the email copy spontaneous

  • Check spelling, structure, and grammar

  • Avoid all those spam filters so that your email finds its way directly to the inbox.
  • Employ a Hypnotic subject line & CTA

Find your business words that compel people to engage, and let’s witness the dramatic growth in sales.

Ask me anything, I am yours. Peace.