I will write convincing real estate marketing letters

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Are you a Real Estate Agent, Broker, Realtor, or someone who wants to boost the Sales & Marketing area of your Real Estate Business???

If Yes! This Gig is for You.

A Prospecting Letter is a powerful one if it is good, It is thebest single-page text that you can have to boost your sales.

If you will closely look you will realize that your customers have an eye at every communication, every interaction. They expect professionalism, they expect you to create value.

When it comes to generating leads & connecting with your customers through emails or by initiating a conversation with a Prospecting Letter clarity of purpose is everything. I am here to help you with the same. For a sample please view the gallery section.

I have expertise in crafting:

  • Expired Listing Letter
  • Letters Regarding Pre-foreclosure/Foreclosures/Loan Modification
  • Letters Generating Seller Leads
  • Real estateagent introductionletter
  • Introductionletterto friends and family
  • Cover Letter
  • Probate Letter
  • Real estatereferralletter
  • “I have a buyer for your home letter”
  • Propertyanalysisletter
  • Real estatedivorceletter
  • Farm Contract/Sale letter