I will write accurate summaries and coherent paraphrasing in 24 hrs

Summarizing and paraphrasing is my favorite thing to do.

I can read poems up to 4 pages and give you a proper summary of the poem along with the main idea, explanation, and paraphrasing.

I can read a chapter of a novel almost around 4 chapters and give you a proper and precise summary of the chapters.

The summary would be just according to the poem or chapter. Each and every line of the poem or chapter would be considered. Conciseness would be present in the summary. Accuracy would be present. Nothing from outside the text would be added. The material would be understood clearly and then penned down after a keen study. It would only contain the author’s viewpoint. The main point of the poem or chapter would be given importance. It would be short and effective.

So just reach me out and I will help you to be the best of whatever you are doing.

Feel free to text me. And am here waiting to help you out.