I will write a video script that entertains and inspires

*Please message before placing an order*

In the digital age, reviews are one of the most effective ways to encourage customers to buy your products and services. However, how are you going to attract that initial 5* review if your advertisements don’t make sense?

Advertisements can be an amazing way to grab and maintain your target audience’s attention – but only if they’ve been written well. That’s where I come in!

Whether I’m listening to a podcast or watching TV ads, I always have an eye out for adverts that could have been worded better. Picking up on these flaws drives me a little insane from time to time (after all, there’s no ‘OFF’ switch when you’re a passionate writer/editor…), which is why I’ve created this gig!

I will write your video script, or even re-write an existing one that you’re not too pleased with. Some carefully selected words combined with an added bit of ‘oomph’, and you will have a video script that makes you proud to show off your business in no time!

Please send me the following info via message:

  • Name & description of business
  • Link to website (if applicable)
  • Main aim of video
  • x3 key ‘selling points’ to feature

I look forward to working with you!