I will write a meaningful and heartfelt wedding speech or vows

Love is such a rollercoaster isn’t it?

When it twists, turns, and loops just right something magical happens. We put another’s needs before our own, we accomplish things we never dreamed we could, and for some reason we give very public speeches and proclamations.

Yikes! That last part is incredibly scary and unnerving for many people.

That’s where your new friend Jay comes in.

I will craft a meaningful and heartfelt wedding speech for you, so that you need only deliver it and enjoy the festivities.

It will feel:





ØFunny (if you desire)

More than anything it will feel written with intention, care, and from the heart.

Let’s get this show on the road, just answer the questions in the Gig Requirements and I’ll craft a memorable speech for you to practice for the big day.

If you need a lengthier speech or longer vows, please message ,e before purchasing a package.