I will write a fun and entertaining childrens poem or poetry for you

Hi my name’s A Wild Poet and I’m glad we’ve met

‘Cause I can write a poem and you’re wanting one I bet

But first I want to thank you for coming here to look

For a funny poem or a smallish children’s book

I’ll write a little rhyme for you for most any occasion

From a silly rhyming song to birthday invitation

Or maybe you want something a little bit more Seuss-y

Then you’ve come to the right place I’ve got a deal for you-sy

The Seuss-y-est writer from here to Va-ved

You’ll love the rhymes that come out of my head

The rhymes will be funny and silly and clever

To make you smile is my only endeavor

I’ll punch up the words in my typer-ma-doodle

And send them to you by First-Class Labradoodle

I know you won’t believe it, but I promise it is true

You get to keep the poem and the Labradoodle too!

Maybe you are not so sure and would like more examples

Then just “Like” my Facebook page to see a few years samples

I’ll try my best to write for you some words that will delight

And if you MOSTLY like it then I’ll offer to rewrite

But suppose my writing is just not your cup of tea

I’ll refund your money with a cash back guarantee