I will write a comic book script for you

So you want to put out a comic book but are in desperate need of a writer? Fear not! For I have heard your cry!

My name is Gustavo Soria, I’m a comic book writer who has been working on this business for quite some time now. I even managed to self publish a graphic novel and connect with some other great creators.

My love for this medium is tremendous, rest assured that you’re going to be receiving a quality script! But if, in any case you still have doubts, go check some of my writing samples here: http://bit.ly/39hMGkf

Remember! This is a writing gig. Please contact me before ordering so we can discuss options.

On a side note, I’ll be asking for credits as the comic’s scripter and a PDF copy of the final result so I can add it to my CV. Hope you don’t mind 🙂