I will write 5 custom jokes for you

As seen on Tosh.0—- I am a professional comedy writer, variety entertainer, comedian and professional performer for over 17 years. I will write comedy/jokes for any purpose on any topic…. – Speech – Presentation – Show – Roast – Toast – Status update – Scripts – Commercials – Punch up scripts whatever needs a little funny.

Few things to note:

  • Please provide as much information as possible. Don’t just send me a message and say, “I want jokes about internet dating”. I need to know what you think about internet dating? Who will be hearing these jokes? How are the jokes being told? I need to know as much information as you can provide.

  • I will not write anything racist or homophobic.

  • I was on Fiverr in the very beginning. Back then, it was not nearly as accommodating to the artist as it is now. Back then they only allowed people to make $5 and that became too much work for not enough money, so I took a 5 year hiatus. They also did not have a vacation mode, so I could not stop the account. People ordered and I did not provide the work and that is why there are some 1 star reviews. Please read the reviews before and after the hiatus.