I will transcribe interviews, podcasts, and audio

Hello, Hannah here! Since University days I’ve always helped my friends with transcribing interviews for their theses and dissertations, so what better way than to take it online?

I will transcribe your 35 minute audio for $10, but contact me and we can discuss prices if it’s not required within 24 hours!

I ensure:

-First and foremost, confidentiality

Proofreading of my work (as I personally cannot tolerate spelling errors)

Timestamps if needed (for extra charge)

-Intelligent or normal verbatim transcription

100% money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the quality of work provided (Accuracy in transcription, allocation of timestamps, minimal to none spelling errors)

The type of transcriptions I provide (Up to 3 people in an audio, negotiable):







… And so on.

I enjoy providing quality services so that clients are not disappointed.

Drop me a message for further inquiries to see if I can deliver what you want.

See you on the other end of a satisfied product! 🙂