I will transcribe german audio or video transcription


I transcribe only High German, no Swiss (also no Swiss Accent) or Austrian German (also no Austrian Accent) and no English (also no German to English or English to German)

Before placing an order, please contact me and send me the audio or video file, so I can review it.

Native German Speaker

Are you looking for an accurate German transcriber that provides you with a high quality transcription of your audio or video files? You don’t have time to create the required German transcription on your own?

Well search no further because in this Gig I will professionallywrite a German transcription of your audio or video file for a very good price.

I create cleantranscriptions, this means that all words are transcribed but interjections (uhms and aahs), stutters and repetitions are left out.

Benefit from native speaker quality.

I transcribe

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Telephone calls
  • Court Proceedings
  • YouTube videos
  • Etc.

As a sworn Translator authorized by a German court and with academic degree in Translations I provide also Translations in German and Italian