I will transcribe audios, videos, and notes of english content


I will transcribe business meetings, journalist interviews, doctors and other health care providers’ Academic lecture notes and events, speeches, and seminars.

I have completed 50 offline projects related to the transcription of audios with 99% accuracy. Contact person: Urooj Muhammad Kirmiyani

I also transcribe manually up to 30 pages

My Expertise

Transcription of English Audios and videos up to 60mins

YouTube videos

Image data into word doc or PDF

handwritten notes, old diaries into docs or PDF with 99% accuracy


Minutes of meetings



Article writing (100-300) words for blogs, websites and newspapers

Content writing

English Translation

Writing and Translation flawlessly

Accuracy and satisfaction is my top priority

Priorities with each transcript?




Each transcript will be appropriately formatted. Grammar and punctuation rules are strictly followed, and of course, file security because I believe that a client’s trust is very precious.

Buyers’ satisfaction and maintaining the quality of work is my top priority.