I will schedule, breakdown, and budget your film

I will provide a breakdown, budget and schedule of your script.

You will receive:

  • Breakdown Sheets
  • Stripboard
  • Shooting Schedule
  • Cast List

If you purchase a budget, you will receive:

  • Preliminary Budget designed to your specifications (e.g. set amount, skeleton crew, etc).
  • Top Sheet
  • Bottom Sheet
  • Notes on how money was assigned.
  • A back-and-forth conversation on your budget requirements

Please note that the gig packages are for scheduling and breakdown ONLY, the budget is a gig extra priced according to the amount of your budget. I can do budget separately for factual programs. Prices are as follows:

  • Up to 30k: $80
  • 30k-200k: $150
  • 200k -2mil: $300
  • 2mil+: $425

This is to reflect the amount of work needed to go into your budget. If you would like me to create you multiple budgets at different levels of funding, I offer a large discount so please message me for a custom quote.

I am an industry professional with over 5 years experience in the film and television industry. I have a BA in English and Classics and a diploma in Film and Television Production. I am a credited writer on a number of television shows and also have several years experience in production.