I will rewrite your script for you

Do you have a completed script that still needs work?

If you have a good idea of what it needs e.g

  • general improvement in quality,
  • plot refinements and character elements that need worked it,
  • dialogue revisions to make scenes and characters cleaner and more distinctive,

Then I can help.

Expectation setting is key!

This is a collaboration more than a hire and forget, I can help improve but this depends on a clear idea from you on what you want reworked. This can be your own detailed thoughts on the script, or implementing coverage advice you’ve received, agree with and want actioned.

If you’re not at this point, consider my coverage gig or another sellers and revisit me when it’s time.

I’ll deliver a draft to you on the agreed date, and then based on your thoughts, will revisit for another round of edits to realise your needs.