I will research small grant opportunities for your nonprofit organization

Small and medium-sized NGOs in most countries often find it difficult to apply for popular grants announced by large donor agencies and bilateral organizations. Such grant opportunities not only pose high competition from big NGOs and INGOs, but these funding announcements have complex eligibility criteria and tough financial conditions that make it almost impossible for small organizations to participate in the application process.

“Therefore quit running after funders with large grants, and instead go for donors that provide small grants.”

By outsourcing basic grant work, you save yourself and your organization time to spend writing and perfecting your grant applications. (Don’t worry, I can help with those as well.)

I have experience in all aspects of grant work including researching, writing, and reviewing grants. My focus area is nonprofit organizations but do not let that hinder you from choosing me as your grant researcher.

Message me so that we both can determine if I am the right fit for your organizational needs.

My grant research will include but not limited to:

  • Grant timeline
  • Funding amount
  • Grant requirements
  • Organization background
  • References + citations as needed