I will research grants and write a winning proposal for nonprofit and small business


First, what makes my business plans different??

My business plan orders come with a 30 minute consultation where we will discuss your business. Upon order, I will send you the questionnaire. You will complete it the best you can and send back. You will then call for our consult, where we will go through the questionnaire together and I will be helping you with any questions and/or concerns you may have. Then I will create your business plan to PERFECTION!!

BP Includes:

Confidentiality Agreement


Executive Summary


Goals and Objectives

Keys to Success

Execution Strategy and Roadmap

Business Model Canvas

Company Summary

Market Research Summary

Competitive Analysis



Full Financial Projects (For Standard +)


  • I will create a PowerPoint pitch deck
  • I will write a a sponsorship letter, fundraising letter, and thank you letter
  • If you ONLY have an idea in mind with no thought-out programs, mission, vision, etc, please choose the “complete complete” add-on. This addon will allow me to create a full business plan for you without you providing any information besides your idea.
  • 501c3 set up