I will read and thoroughly review your books

Growing up, my father used to bribe my siblings and I with money to read books. The transaction wasn’t complete until we reviewed the book with him which included a little speech about what we learned.

20 years later, I am still passionate about reading all sorts of genres and discussing plot holes, creative directions, and unexpected twists with anyone who will listen!

It is with this passion that I will read and review your manuscript with thorough detail. I have an eye for grammatical mistakes, which I will edit for you, and I will review your book as if I’m passionately arguing “underlying meanings” with my dad.

On a more serious note, I am a native English speaker, with a Bachelor of Commerce, an Honours degree in marketing, multiple short courses covering anything from property development to google analytics, and almost 5 years of work experience under my belt.

I’m happy to review all genres, but try and steer clear from politics, as this is not my forte.

I look forward to working with you!