I will provide expert beta reading with constructive criticism


Experienced writer with knowledge of both traditional and self-publishing best practices.

I will give you a full, honest critique with evaluation comments in real-time as I go through each chapter.

Theme & developmental profiling ESSENTIAL FLOW

Sensitivity Reading, meaning I point out unintentionally insensitive or incorrect portrayals of race, sexuality, religion, and physical disabilities.


My feedback and focus:

Roots: Theme and element development:this is not grammar. It’s building your talent to write a better book. You can pay an editor to edit anything, but what you want before that edit is a better, believable top story. An editor is only as good as the roots they are given, and correct grammar is not what sells. It’s the theme and element done better than your competitors.

Hook/Beginning (makes or breaks the reader’s interest.)

Readability:. Did I struggle to get through it, and why?

Character Development:

Plot structure pacing and logic.

Romance Elements: how are those steamy scenes.

How believable the story feels.


Structure and Organization: Storyline mistakes

Honesty to make your sweat for better body of a book