I will provide 6 yoga newsletters in mailchimp

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You’ll get 6 newsletters in one order. Want MULITPLE ORDERS? I only write six at a time, so contact me before making multiple orders.

The newsletters are pre-written and ready to send, as-is. But they’re also 100% customizable…much faster than writing your own newsletters from scratch every month.


I make them short, smart, fun, & encouraging. Topics include current health news, meditation, yoga, & motivational tips, designed to engage a broad range of everyday yoga students.

Each newsletter contains…

  • a 250-500 word lead article
  • a personal call to action
  • an inspirational quote
  • two extras (games, recipes, posts, videos)


***One-click upload into your Mailchimp account.***

★ Your contact info, logo, and class schedule will load automatically

★ Mobile-optimized

★ 100% customizable in Mailchimp – change colors, add your own images, teacher profiles, workshop announcements, etc.


  • You’ll need a free or paid Mailchimp account.
  • Load the newsletters into Mailchimp with a click. Easy.
  • Install merge tags in Mailchimp at first use. I provide instructions (Also see my extra offer below)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed