I will proposal writing and research

I specialize in grant writing and reporting, with additional expertise in other areas of fundraising and development including donor care, copy-editing, blog writing, resume writing, and even social media writing. I can help you communicate clearly with your audience, adapting to your “voice” and the needs of your company or organization. I’m a creative thinker who can help you add meat to the bones of your project, and connect on an emotional level to your donors and constituents. I’m speedy in my work and can manage tight deadlines. I am familiar with both US and UK English standards and conventions.

When you hire me, I’ll be available for a conversation to make sure I fully understand who you are, what your vision is, and what you need for your project

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Small business Administration [ SBA ]
  • Grants for college and high school
  • Community developmentCare
  • National Endowment for the humanities.[ NEH ]
  • Federal Government loan
  • Land
  • Home Improvement
  • Applications for VOCA [ victims of crime ]
  • Mellon
  • Walmart
  • Pell grant, FAFSA
  • SBIR
  • Women, single moms, disability
  • Startups
  • Education and Medical college programs funding
  • Club and Churches
  • Youth Programs and event