I will proofread and edit your children books

Let me first say, “congratulations for reaching this point”.

Your story is your pride and joy, and I will treat it as such.

I will proofread your

* picture book, easy reader, and/or your chapter book.

* check for punctuation and the story’s flow (character development, subplot, main plot, and pacing).

*I will provide a developmental edit and feedback worksheet. The developmental edit will outline every critique and edit made to the entire story.

The feedback worksheet will include several questions and answers that will give you a deeper look from the outside as to how your story reads.

I believe that each stage of editing wears a different hat, and it is valuable information to you to have both an editor’s point of view and an everyday reader’s point of view.

Yes, I do free sample editing of one page to see if I am the right editor for you. Please contact me before purchasing the gig.