I will help you write emails for your e mail marketing campaign

Hi and welcome to my gig!

The best way to sell your product or service is offering it to your subscribers list.

I will write each mail for your mailing service (Not only Mailchimp) with relevant information texts, links to videos or articles, targeted to your web site. includingCTAsuggestions and charming subjects.

Put your email marketing campaign in my hands, take a seat with a cup of coffee and see how your sales take off!

*Provide me all info about your brand, product or service, described as much as possible, in order to write a sticky, persuasive and professional emails for your campaign.*

* Please do not abuse and do not ask me to do more work than the requested!! *

I am at your service!

You can place an order also, give me all the possible dtails about your product or service.