I will help you get ready to query agents

I am a published author of YA SciFi, as well I write YA Fantasy and Adult Fantasy. I have plenty of experience querying and writing first chapters that attract attention. If you’re an author looking to query agents this gig is for you!

Writing a quality query letter that attracts the attention of an agent is difficult, and there is an art to what you want to include and what you don’t need to include. I will help you get your query cleaned up, revised, and ready to send to agents!

*Please note all options require a query letter (even a rough one) started already*

Basic includes: Edits and revisions on your query until you feel it is ready. We’ll go back and forth where I will include suggestions and areas to make changes to strengthen your query.

Standard includes: Same as above but I will also beta read your first chapter and include in-document comments on your chapter and a beta reader report so you know where to make adjustments/revisions.

Premium includes: Same as Standard service only I will read up to 3 chapters!

I read a variety of genres, but specialize in YA, Fantasy, SciFi, and NA. If you have another genre feel free to message me first if you want to make sure!