I will help with developmental editing, and line editing your novel

Feel like your novel is missing someone that can be objective but also your biggest fan? I have eight years of experience and just sold my novel to Blackstone Publishing over the summer. Let me help you get your book ready for the next step! I do accept 60k and up. Inquire for pricing.

My focus:

  • Developmental editing and plot holes
  • The theme of the story
  • Setting details
  • Character inconsistencies
  • Line-editing and revising
  • Fiction cliches
  • Correcting basic issues and larger ones
  • Catching grammar mistakes/proofreading
  • Deep revising! This can sometimes mean rewriting/rephrasing for better flow.
  • References/advice/general support!

I’m a lover of generally all genres!

  • Historical Fiction
  • Science Fiction (Including fanfiction)
  • Romance of all kinds, adult, and YA
  • Young Adult
  • Suspense
  • Horror
  • Cozy Mysteries
  • Select nonfiction

I will always read the first chapter to evaluate your progress and determine how much work is needed. Each manuscript and writer is different. Pricing can change depending on various factors.

UPDATE 10/9/21 – Due to experiences on Fiverr, I only offer 1-2 pages of sample edits of your manuscript. However, I’m happy to supply samples from clients.