I will give you inspiring feedback or write for you

I have directed, written and co-written many short films, and have written scripts and treatments for several feature films, pilots, music videos and web series. I have been consulted on and given feedback for many features, pilots and shorts, and helped many writers and directors improve their work. My films and videos have been screened at over 100 festivals around the world and won numerous awards. A short I co-wrote won a special jury prize at the Berlinale in 2015.

It will be my pleasure to:

write or rewrite your ad/script/treatment…


read your short/feature/pilot screenplay, or synopsis/treatment, and provide you with feedback, creative ideas, questions, what ifs, creative brainstorming, to help you achieve what you aim for, to help you find solutions to your creative challenges.

I can also write for your creative writing projects, and provide original ideas for commercials, series, films, etc. We can communicate via email, or by audio/video call if you prefer.