I will give detailed notes on your story idea, treatment or script

Everyone has an idea for a movie or a TV series. But to turn those ideas into stories takes a writer.

I love working with writers and, as an MA graduate of Scriptwriting with an expert understanding of story structure, I’ve helped many in that process of developing their ideas into the stories they want to tell.

It can be difficult to spot the things that aren’t working in our own scripts. But we also know our stories better than anyone, so there’s nothing worse than having an editor make suggestions that take our story away from the one we set out to write.

That’s why I prioritise listening to you and understanding your vision – but without shying away from the big structural changes that can help develop your ideas into a script that can be successfully pitched, marketed, and enjoyed by audiences. I also offer extra notes after the initial report – a chance for you to respond to the feedback, ask questions and clarify anything further.

I can provide notes tailored to whatever stage of development you are currently at, including:

  • ideas
  • treatments
  • pitch decks / series bibles (for TV series’)
  • full scripts