I will ghostwrite to help with writers block for you

Hello, are you having a hard time figuring out where you would like to go within your story? I can help! Please take a look at what each package has to offer:

  • My basic package includes you and I working together to brainstorm ideas for you to get back into writing. I will work with you and tell you how ideas can incorporate smoothly into the story and how to get there.
  • My standard package includes me writing a singular chapter for you. Once you tell me what your story is about and where your ending point is and where you want it to go, I will craft a chapter that allows you to pick up from where I left off with ease.
  • My premium package includes me writing a chunk of chapters all at once. If you have severe writers’ block but you know how the story ends, then this package may be for you! I will write where you left off and with your guidance, I will finish or get you close to finishing your story.

Please message me before you order so we can talk about what exactly I can help you with ^^