I will find out if you are related to a famous person

In my 3 years as a genealogist many people are surprised to find out that they are descended from a significant historical figure. So if you’ve ever wanted to know if you have famous ancestry, this is the perfect chance!

I will find out if you’re related to a famous person, either living or a famous historical figure. If I can’t find an ancestor who was well known, I will instead find one with significant historical significance. this could include a general, signer of the Declaration of Independence, or maybe even a local hero. Sometimes this might be a king or a lord!

Please note: I can only do this for people in the U.S. at this time!

How is this possible?!?!

Surely everyone cannot be related to a famous person, right? It may seem hard to believe but remember we each have 64 great-great-great-great grandparents and that number keeps compounding. The odds that you are related to a historical figure are actually pretty great, but most of this information gets lost over generations. There are also many potential cases of historical significance as many people contributed to our modern day society.