I will expertly draft contracts, agreements and legal letters

I am Prakhar Tandon a Legal Professional, offering compendious legal and financial services, high-quality support which is cost effective and adaptable.I offer a wide range of services. I can assure that my services are not only cost effective but tailor made based on the client’s need.

If you need a custom agreement which does not fit any of the available gigs kindly get in touch and I will create a custom offer for you.

I would love to help you if you need:

Independent Contractors Agreement

Memorandum of agreement

Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Sales Agreement

Purchase Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Employment Contract

Lease Agreements

Website Design Contracts

Shareholders Agreement

Non-Circumvention Agreement

Investment Contract

Partnership Agreements

Legal letters

Power of attorney

And all the other legal documents that are not mentioned above.