I will edit your book, proofreading, copy, and developmental edits

For both fiction & non-fiction genres:

*Please contact me first with desired package for a custom offer before ordering!!*

I am a freelance writer, editor, and award-winning author with two national awards to my name. My best written work is due to the outstanding editors who caught the unruly run-ons and overused commas. They strengthened the story’s theme by taking out superfluous information while enriching the overarching message.

I’ve worked with New York Times editors, Wall Street Journal copy editors, book publishers, aspiring writers. You name it. I’ve learned from the best and want to help bring the cleanest, strongest copy to your story.

Of course, I’ll check for things like subject-verb agreement, syntax, formatting, punctuation. But with deep editing, I’ll also dive deeper into content continuity, fact checking, and ultimately strengthening the heartbeat of your book.

Before ordering, let me know what specific things you want me to focus on as I edit, and I’ll be happy to pay close attention.

I’m here to help answer any questions you have. Happy writing,

Your Future Editor,