I will edit your book honestly and helpfully

When you’re writing or publishing a book or story, you want it to be written to the best of your ability, right? Oftentimes, when editing or proofreading their own work, writers will miss many structural and grammatical errors.

Thankfully, I’m here to help! An avid and passionate reader since I was young, I have studied and learned how to spot grammatical and punctuation errors, plot inconsistencies, and character irregularity for much of my life. I will give your book my all and provide the best edited manuscript you have ever received.

Though a specialist in the YA genre, I will edit any book in the fiction genre.

I will correct:

  1. Grammatical errors
  2. Punctuation mistakes
  3. Sentence structure
  4. Plot holes and consistency
  5. Character inconsistencies
  6. World-building

I will NOT edit any erotica, horror, or poetry book.

I edit books in MS Word format and will provide, if desired, updates as I progress in my editing process.

I look forward to working with you and you story!