I will edit the plotline of your manuscript

I’ll edit the plot of your manuscript and offer feedback in comments as well as suggestions to improve the language flow. I use Word or Google Docs so you can follow the changes and suggestions made and get my feedback directly in the document. I also provide a general report on my overall opinion of your piece, which will include stylistic and plot-related feedback as well as suggestions for improvement.

I have a degree in English Literature and have a knack for getting a plot to flow to keep a reader’s attention and tie off any loose ends. I am also a trained social scientist with a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology. I am good with being able to identify points of improvement in fiction writing from this perspective, as well as having a background perfect for worldbuilding in the Fantasy and Sci-fi literary genres.

My editing times depend on how well self-edited the manuscript is. If it is difficult to read because of low English skills, I will take longer to work through the document.