I will edit and proofread your childrens book

I absolutely adore children’s books—the good ones, at least. Upon giving birth to my daughter, I was flooded with children’s books of all kinds from generous family and friends, and our nightly reads opened my eyes to just how many books made for young children aren’t especially well-written (or even adequately edited). Those books get tossed aside after one read-through, while the stories that continuously captivate both me and my child are set to become family heirlooms.

Just because children’s books are generally short doesn’t mean you should ignore the editing process. A thorough copyedit or a meticulous proofread will ensure that your book is error-free and professionally formatted and is easy and fun to read aloud.

I am a highly-trained copy editor, a professional humorist, a web-savvy writer, and an accomplished screenwriter with multiple projects produced by major studios. I am also an independent children’s book illustrator and the mother to a toddler who owns about 20 trillion books but still wants to read the same copy of “Llama Llama” every night. With my 14 years of experience writing and editing, I can get your project polished and ready to be seen by the world.