I will edit and or proofread your screenplay or short story

I can edit your screenplay or novel to improve dialogue, story, and pacing.

This gig is designed for clients with an existing piece of work that requires minor editing or proofreading.

My background:
I am an award-winning screenwriter based in the United Kingdom. My specialty being short-form screenplay writing and editing. I have advanced knowledge of film and media production and can tailor a script for your needs.

Your Idea:
Describe your brief to me in a message before you order – as this will allow me to verify if I am right for your specific job. I want to make sure that I am delivering quality work for you, and sadly, not every idea or story out there I can be a perfect fit for.

I (the editor) will ask for an editing or story consultant credit to the work being modified for the client (you). Ownership rights will be given over to the client upon the completion of the work unless specifically specified by both parties.

Any other agreements and/or legal contracts must be provided by the client (you) ifyouwish to make further agreements.