I will draft influencer collaboration, freelancer and contractor agreement

I will draft a standard independent contractor agreement for your business or provide you with a template and you can edit it yourself to suit your business. Whatever you need, just choose any or more document from the contracts/agreements below and let me know please. These are some agreements and contracts I can draft for you:

  • Nanny Contract
  • Catering Contract
  • Cleaning Contract
  • Electricians agreement
  • Plumbers agreement
  • Carpenters agreement
  • Bricklayers agreement
  • Painters agreement
  • Hair stylists agreement
  • Wedding planners agreement
  • auto mechanics agreement
  • Florists agreement
  • Construction workers agreement.
  • Freelancer agreement.
  • Graphic designers’ agreement.
  • Social Media Influencer/ Collaboration Agreement
  • NON DISCLOSURE agreement
  • NO COMPETITION agreement
  • PUBLICATION and WRITERS agreement
  • MUSIC INDUSTRY agreement
  • FILM, TV and VIDEO agreement
  • LANDLORD / TENANT lease agreement
  • Photography Contract

And many other skilled workers agreements that specialize in a trade can beregardedasindependent contractors