I will do professional english proofreading and editing, proofreading, book editing

Looking for a professional English book proofreading and editing service?

I providehigh-quality, professionalproofreading and editing service for English documents, storybooks, novels, Christian books, websites etc.

You’ve written something amazing and it’s brilliant.But is it perfect?100 percent? Don’t go too fast and miss the final step to send off without a final proofreading and editing touch.I will professionally proofread, edit and correct your English content.

I can proofread American and British English.

What will you get from this gig

  • Aunique proofreading and editing service from a professional English editor
  • Incredible value for money
  • TheFastestturnaround time
  • AFULLproofing service
  • Complete peace of mind

This proofreading and editing gig willfix and perfect:






Clarity & flow

Poor sentence structure

Tense inaccuracies

All of these will be delivered back to you, clean and polished.Iuse Microsoft Word track changesto keep track of all the changes made in the document.

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