I will do paralegal work for you


If you are an individual or a business with a matter that does not require the services of an attorney and you desire a professionally drafted document or assistance with filings, etc. I can assist you in completing the task.

To mention a few, I’ve worked on real estate contracts/agreements, employment agreements, and settlements.

If you’re attempting to operate a busy firm and your paralegals can’t seem to keep up with everything that needs to be done, I’m here to provide you the extra hand you’ll need to manage your business successfully. Simply send me whatever template your company already employs, as well as any other necessary information, and I’ll get the job done well!

Since I have worked in the personal injury field, I can provide more in-depth services in this practice area.

For a quote, provide me a brief overview of the tasks or documents that need to be performed. Additionally, please send the relevant documentation so that I can quote you accurately.

Questions? Send me a message! I’m here to help you.