I will do copywriting for your etsy listing and shopify description

Tired of people viewing your listing and not buying?

Trying to make your listing stand out from your competitors?

Want your product to appear first when buyers search on Etsy?

What you need is a convincing title and description with powerful SEO keywords.

  1. Your title has to stop visitors from scrolling through products.
  2. Your description must psychologically compel them to trust your brand and want your product.
  3. Your CTA then triggers them to buy.

If this is what you want, You clicked on the right gig.

I have worked with 76 Etsy store owners since 2018 and delivered 994 e-commerce product descriptions. With this Experience + Extensive Training, I’m sure I have delivered 10+ projects with identical or similar requirements to yours and I will do it again for you.

My perfect listing structure:

  • SEO optimized title for freetraffic
  • Product introduction and highlighting the problem
  • Show the product’s benefits in point form
  • Compelling CTA that triggers visitors to buy

Place your order now and leave the heavy lifting to me. If you need clarity on anything before Ordering, just Contact Me or view my FAQ.