I will do amazon SEO listing optimization and listing audit

Do you want your Products to be ranked on the 1st page? Are you struggling with getting a place on 1st page even by spending much on PPC? You must need to do listing optimization.

An optimized listing can do wonders,

  1. An SEO-optimized listing will enable your product to show up in SERP.
  2. It will encourage customers to buy your product.

I am Tehreem a professional copywriter. I have experience in doing amazon product listing optimization over 50 products in various niches. I will do the keywords research by

Helium 10

Merchant Words

and will find highly relevant and converting Kws with high search volume.

I will put those keywords in the product description as per their relevancy and frequency to get more juice in ranking.

WHY Choose Me?

I will do the following,

  1. Listing Audit
  2. Competitors Research
  3. Listing analysis to get a better idea of indexed and not indexed Kws
  4. An SEO Title
  5. Bullet Points with product benefits and features
  6. Product Description in a storytelling way
  7. Back end Search Terms
  8. 5-20 Focus keywords

Product Details I would require:

Product Name and ASIN

Product Images

Product Dimensions

Order Now to let me Fix your Listing.