I will design surveys, quizzes, questionnaire, course content, and lesson plans for you

Hi,Welcome to Uffera’s Gig!

“It’s my honor to serve you the best possible service”.

  • Instructionally soundlearning objectivesidentify exactly what you want your learners to know, or be able to do after instruction.
  • Instructionally soundquestionsmeasure your learning objectives so you will know if your instruction was effective.

“I will design surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, and course content as per your requirements.”

What I can do:

  • Create Multiple Choice, True or false, Matching type, and Essay type questionnaires from content you provide
  • Create difficulty based on your requirements
  • Provide an explanation for each question’s answer, if needed
  • Varying answer options based on your needs
  • No outsourcing
  • No plagiarism


I will make lessonplans, worksheets, lesson notes, and course outlines for:

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • General Science
  • Humanities
  • Social Evils
  • Arts
  • Current Affairs
  • International Affairs

Or any other topic you provide I can design a course outline, lesson plan for your course.


  • Fast Delivery
  • 24/7 reliable customer support
  • 100% Satisfaction

Feel free to contact me before order. I would love to serve you 24/7.