I will design escape room game puzzles, concept, and narrative

Please message me before placing your order so we can discuss your project’s requirements. I create an outline of game mechanics, puzzles, and narrative. Full game concepts will come with how to adjust puzzles to make them harder or easier to meet your level of desired difficultly.I design everything from scavenger hunts to team building activities to traditional escape rooms.


I can professionally design an escape room game–live, virtual, or paper–for your new business, or just a few puzzles for a custom experience.

I can work with your theme, ideas, and budget. If you have specific puzzle, narrative, theme, or character ideas, or tech you’d like to use/avoid, I’ll take those all into account.

No two escape rooms should be alike and I can promise a completely unique design. Many of my past designs had especially unique mechanics or formats for the game. Although I especially love making designs that challenge how escape games are played, I create traditional escape room designs as well.

I designed over a dozen escape rooms internationally, in-person and virtual. I am a professional themed entertainment consultant based in Los Angeles. I’m happy to share a portfolio.