I will create powerful business name, brand name, product name and slogans

Welcome to my Creative Lab. This is myBusiness Name & Slogan Gig!

I will tap into my creative self to craft for your business, idea, product or service a matching, original and ideal business name along with a catchy and relatable slogan.

Your business name and its slogan is everything, words and characters convey certain energy and vibrancy about your business, your intention and define how your brand will stay in the top of heart and top of mind of your audience.

I have a decade of high end corporate experience in communications as a former head of Government & Public Affairs of a NYSE listed company along a Masters Degree in Institutional Communications and Relations, that topped with an astounding artistic creativityI will always most certainly hit the target.

Through my creativity, industry research and brainstorming process sparked from the basic information about your need, I will provide the name and slogan your business needs.

Sometimes the right name is not found in one shot,that is why your feedback is key for iterating. Please, be willing to do it before going ahead with an order!

Message me if you require a custom order.

Let’s get creative!