I will create legal contracts, legal documents, and agreements

I can create legal documents, agreements and contracts to help you protect your personal and business interest. Some of the documents that I have worked on included, but are not limited to:


Articles of Incorporation

Business Plan

Business Purchase Agreement

Buyout Agreement

Child Custody Agreement

Construction Agreement

Corporate Bylaws

Daycare Contract

Deed of Trust


Employment Contract

Escort Agency Contract

Freelance Contract

Furlough Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Influencer Contract

Joint Venture Agreement

Lease Agreement

Licensing Agreement

LLC Operating Agreement

Loan Agreement

Non Compete Agreement

Non Disclosureand Confidentiality Agreement, NDA

Offer Letter / Employee Contract

Operating Agreement

Partnership Agreement

Performance Agreement

Personal Agreement Contract

Postnuptial Agreement

Power of Attorney

Prenuptial Agreement

Property Management Agreement

Privacy Policy

Rental Agreement

Sales Agreement

Shareholder Agreement

Social Media Contract

Software License Agreement

Sublease Agreement

Terms & Conditions

If you’re interested in learning more about how my legal services may help you achieve your objectives, please do not hesitate